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Mary Ann Kelmer
Lakeside Property Owners Association President


The Lakeside Property Owners Association (LPOA) serves as a forum where people may give input into matters concerning the program and municipal services of Lakeside Chautauqua.

Membership Information

Any property owner and/or spouse in Lakeside Chautauqua and Island View may become a member of LPOA by paying modest annual dues. There are more than 1,300 members. Dues are payable on a calendar year basis and are usually paid in January, but you may join at any time during the year. For more information about Lakeside Chautauqua, read the updated Rules & Regulations.

Additional Information

2023 LPOA Meetings

Meetings are held on Saturdays in May, July, August and October. Between meetings, an executive committee, elected by the membership, conducts the business of the LPOA. Ideas expressed by the LPOA are conveyed to the Lakeside Chautauqua staff. Decisions of Lakeside Chautauqua are often interpreted at LPOA meetings. Temporary committees are appointed as the need arises.

In addition to the opportunity to participate in the town hall meeting format, members receive several mailings a year from the LPOA President. These mailings help keep property owners informed about administrative happenings at Lakeside Chautauqua.

2024 Meetings*

  • May 18
  • July 13
  • August 10
  • October 5

*All meetings are held at 10 a.m. in Orchestra Hall, unless announced otherwise.

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Lakeside Chautauqua is a nonprofit organization that relies on the generosity of families, friends, volunteers and its dedicated staff. Our Chautauqua programming and upkeep of the facilities and grounds are made possible through the philanthropic support of generous Lakesiders like you.