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Thank you to the many community members who offered hundreds of ideas and suggestions regarding the proposed Rules and Regulations (the Rules) updates. Each comment was reviewed, keeping in mind Lakeside’s Mission, Vision, and Values, and many helpful ideas were incorporated. After three years of work by a dedicated group of volunteers and professionals, the Board voted to approve updated Rules at its February meeting.
Why update the Rules? It is best practice to review an organization’s rules, regulations, and policies periodically. After close evaluation of our old Rules, the Board’s Municipal Services Committee (the MSC) found that a number of areas needed updating or clarification. For example, current Ohio Fire Code stipulates that portable outdoor fireplaces “shall not be operated within 15 feet of a structure or combustible material.” Our old Rules stipulated 10 feet, an inconsistency with the current Fire Code.
In addition, we are grateful to the community member who called out a new Ohio law that became effective in July 2022, allowing fireworks to be used around certain holidays unless communities opt-out of allowing them. This is now addressed in section 2.16 of the new Rules to be consistent with our prior Rules that did not allow fireworks at any time. This issue is particularly important in Lakeside where our cottages are so close together and most are constructed with wood.
Another update addresses the types of vehicles Lakesiders employ to move around the grounds, including electric bikes, scooters, hoverboards, golf carts, cars, motorized skateboards, etc. These innovations were unavailable or less popular when the old Rules were written. The bottom line is that everyone must abide by the speed limit of 15 MPH and use good common sense and caution.
Signs and Quiet Hours were the two areas that elicited the most comments from community members.
Signs. In brief, when the gates are not in operation, signs under 12 square feet in size may be displayed. During the Chautauqua season, when the gates are in operation, no signs may be displayed except those specifically allowed in the Rules.
While some Lakesiders commented that signs should be permitted at all times, others said they enjoy the welcoming sanctuary Lakeside offers and were either uncomfortable with many signs or wanted the Association to monitor/restrict content. Rather than place the Administration in the position of having to judge which signs are appropriate and which are not, the Board agreed on a compromise: very limited signage during the Chautauqua season, and fewer restrictions during the off-season. Helpful guidance on this issue came from the Chautauqua Institute’s year-round restrictions on signage.
Quiet Hours. This was a rule that elicited many strong opinions. Some people asked that Quiet Hours be changed on Sunday to allow more time for recreational play. Others requested that Lakeside maintain the current Quiet Hours on Sunday until noon, giving individuals and families a time set apart from the rest of the week to enjoy quieter pursuits.
Lakesiders have chosen to live in a community where our recreational facilities and cottages are within close proximity to each other. The MSC thoughtfully discussed the ramifications of ending Quiet Hours on Sunday mornings earlier than noon. After much deliberation, the MSC agreed that until we have more time to hear from the wider community about changing Quiet Hours, the rule should remain unchanged.
Therefore, lawn mowers and leaf blowers can rev their engines, but not before noon on Sundays. Most recreational facilities, like shuffleboard courts, basketball courts, mini golf, pickleball, tennis, and the swimming will continue to remain closed until noon on Sundays.
These new Rules were created with insights from our community after very careful deliberation. We considered how any rule adjustments would impact ALL individuals, whether a long-time cottage owner, frequent visitor, or first-time guest. It was a long and purposeful process, as we strived to ensure that we were choosing the best path forward for the overall community.
During our public comment process, several people asked for a document showing all the changes to the prior Rules. Unfortunately, the amount of reorganizing, rewording, and updating of the Rules made it impractical to generate a comparison version that would have been useful. If you are interested in seeing the changes made to the version circulated to the community this fall, however, please contact Lakeside’s Executive Administrator, Dawn Drew, at
The new Rules will take effect on April 1, 2023. Consistent with Lakeside tradition, the Board looks forward to Lakesiders working together to follow the new Rules. That being said, the Board and Administration are open to your feedback and questions for future consideration. Please feel free to email your suggestions to, monitored by the office of COO Charles Allen.
Below this letter is an Appendix of some of the major issues addressed in the Rules. As this is a high-level summary, everyone is strongly encouraged to become familiar with the Rules in their entirety.
Again, thank you to the many volunteers, professionals, and community members who contributed to updating our new Rules and Regulations.
With gratitude,
The Lakeside Association Board of Directors

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